Biocompatible Degradable Materials Tubes

Stents aim to support revascularization procedures by mechanically preventing vessel recoil.

Taking in account all positive effects, permanent implants still pose the risk of interaction between a nonabsorbable stent and surrounding tissue, leading to physical irritation, long-term endothelial dysfunction, or chronic reactions. Over the long lifecycle of the implant, there is a risk of stent fracture.

To overcome these shortcomings, stent technology has looked towards the development of temporary implants composed of biocompatible materials which mechanically support the vessel during the period of risk for recoil, and then are completely degraded by the body.

With the know-how in the forming of difficult materials, Vascotube® has been producing tubes from biocompatible degradable materials, starting with pure Magnesium tubes some years ago.

We work with partners in the medical research to bring these materials to the required specification for medical stent use. We are proud to give our technical input to help to create together with our customers an advanced medical device that will help patients all over the world.

Biocompatible Degradable Materials Tubes