Fast Tubes List

The Fast Tubes List is designed as a service to the research and product development department of our clients.

We aim to give you the possibility of a fast respond to your tube needs and your clients’ needs with your own overview of material that we can send you in a matter of two days.

We provide a certificate with the tubes on this Fast Tubes List. The certificate will give you full information about the ingot, the material and the measurements of the tube. We have conceived the list to be able to ship small quantities, one or two tubes. It is not designed to meet production quantity requirements. The material is aimed for your development needs.

We apply the regular price for small quantities and have decided to add no extra “fast charge”.

We do not offer the service of cutting the tubing. We deliver at least one tube within our standard length of 700 to 2500 mm. We reserve a quantity tolerance of 35%.

The tubes on the Fast Tubes List is updated on a daily basis. To get a quote for a tube, click onto the desired row in the table below to select it. An automatic email proposal will appear on your screen which you can send to us.

Fast Tubes List