L-605 Tube

L-605 is a nonmagnetic Cobalt-based Chromium-Tungsten-Nickel alloy that has excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. Yield strength, UTS and elongation are higher than from SS. Applications include medical implant devices, springs, valves, and engine components for the aerospace industry. As a result of its high Tungsten content, L-605 is radiopaque, which is beneficial for implant devices.

We manufacture the L605 tubing according to ASTM F 90.

Nitinol tubes and stents

Chemical Composition:

Component wt %
Chromium 19,00-21,00
Tungsten 14,00-16,00
Nickel 9,00-11,00
Manganese 1,00-2,00
Carbon 0,050-0,150
Sulfur max. 0,030
Phosphorus max. 0,040
Silicon max. 0,400
Iron max. 3,000
Cobalt balance

Mechanical Properties:

Ultimate Tensile Strength min. 860 MPa
Yield Strength R min. 310 MPa
Fracture Elongation min. 30 %
Cold worked
Ultimate Tensile Strength min. 1250 MPa
Yield Strength R min. 760 MPa
Fracture Elongation min. 15 %

Note: The Mechanical Properties are only for orientation and can be changed if necessary.

Physical Properties:

Melting Range 1410 °C – 1438 °C
Density 9,2 g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 243 GPa