MP35N Tube

Thermal Treatment

Reducing atmospheres such as Hydrogen and forming gas are recommended for thermal treatment. Full annealing should be performed between 1000 °C and 1150 °C for a few minutes. For increased properties cold worked can be aged but conditions should be controlled carefully.

Tube Surface Condition

Our seamlessly drawn MP35N tubes exhibit a shiny and even surface. Standard roughness values Ra may be as low as 0,4 µm. Standard tubing is finished by using polycrystalline diamond dies. The quality of the inner surface may vary with the wall thickness to diameter ratio. Generally the state of the tools and the drawing sequences greatly affect inner surface quality. By applying special diligence roughness values of the inner surface may be even lower than 0,4 µm.

We manufacture the MP35N tubing according to ASTM F 562.


Chemical Composition:

Component wt %
Nickel 33,00-37,00
Chromium 19,00-21,00
Molybdenum 9,00-10,50
Titanium max. 1,000
Silicon max. 0,150
Boron max. 0,015
Manganese max. 0,150
Iron max. 1,000
Carbon max. 0,025
Phosphorus max. 0,015
Sulfur max. 0,010
Cobalt balance

Mechanical Properties:

Ultimate Tensile Strength 793 MPa – 1070 MPa
Yield Strength R 241 MPa – 586 MPa
Fracture Elongation min. 50 %
Cold worked
Ultimate Tensile Strength min. 1207 MPa
Yield Strength R min. 1000 MPa
Fracture Elongation min. 10 %

Note: The Mechanical Properties are only for orientation and can be changed if necessary.

Physical Properties:

Melting Range 1315 °C – 1440 °C
Density 8,4 g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 233 GPa