Tantalum Tube

Heat Treatment

Tantalum exhibits high reactivity towards interstitials elements like Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Also it may react with Hydrocarbons. Its recrystallization temperature varies between 900 °C and 1450 °C. Vacuum and dry inert gases are most suitable as heat treatment atmospheres. The duration of the heat treatment may depend on the equipment, the process and the experience with the material. Lubricants should be completely removed prior to the heat treatment. If not, they may react with the Tantalum and cause embrittlement of the material.

Tube Surface

Under atmospheric conditions Tantalum is covered by a stable, tight oxide layer. Although Tantalum is a reactive element this layer is the reason for the high corrosion resistance and the high biocompatibility. In its manufacturing process Vascotube® applies only appropriate tooling, lubricants and custom heat treatment equipment. Favorable to the manufacturing process is the excellent formability of the material.

We manufacture the Tantalum tubing according to ASTM F 560.

Precision Nitinol tube cutting

Chemical Composition:

Component (wt %)
Carbon max. 0,0100
Oxygen max. 0,0150
Nitrogen max. 0,0100
Hydrogen max. 0,0015
Niobium max. 0,1000
Iron max. 0,0100
Titanium max. 0,0100
Tungston max. 0,0500
Molybdenum max. 0,0200
Silicon max. 0,0050
Nickel max. 0,0100
Tantalum balance

Mechanical Properties:

Cold worked
Ultimate Tensile Strength min. 482 MPa
Yield Strength R min. 345 MPa
Fracture Elongation min. 1 %

Note: The Mechanical Properties are only for orientation and can be changed if necessary.

Physical Properties:

Melting Point 2996 °C
Density 16,6 g/cm3