About us

Our tubes made of Nitinol and other materials are trendsetters on the market. They form the basis for innovative medical solutions around the globe.

VASCOTUBE is specialized in intelligent solutions for medical devices made of Nitinol and other demanding materials such as MP35N and L-605. Our team of qualified specialists in drawing have many years of experience and manufacture tubes of unrivaled precision in the range of surprising dimensions. In doing so, we continuously push forward the limits as we redefine technical feasibility. This way, we help our customers to turn their visions into success.

Vascotube’s tubes for medical devices unlock new perspectives in many dimensions. To ensure that we meet your requirements fast and effectively, our team of technical experts check your specifications for feasibility prior to production in Germany using our in-house developed high-tech machinery.


VASCOTUBE expands the limits, redefines the boundaries of technical feasibility, and turns visions into reality. Vascotube promises our customers new, enduring and successful technologies. In all our efforts, we stay uncompromising to our principles

  • We always put our customers first
  • Innovation driven by continuous improvement
  • Respect for the efforts of all towards success
  • Transparency and reliability in what we do
  • Showing appreciation for and encouraging employees
  • Open and honest communication

From 1991 on, when Uwe Seiler drew the first seamless Nitinol tube, to the founding of Vascotube in 2004 and up to the present day, the company has continuously developed its expertise. Today we develop, build, and exclusively use machinery designed and built in-house. This also applies to most of the tools we use.

Experience it yourself, we think you will be impressed by our innovation and passion for progress. Together, we can change the world.


As a specialist for high-precision tubes and innovation driver, we create a competitive edge for our partners in the medical engineering sector. We base our development on partnership. We produce locally, and document precisely the qualities of our products.

Efficiency from the outset: quality by Vascotube is an advantage for every manufacturing process, because reliability is assured, material waste is minimum, and fewer work steps are necessary. Exactly according to the wording: go direct, get there faster.

We draw on our in-depth knowledge and long experience of demanding materials such as Nitinol to ensure your success.


Our outstanding results for surface quality, wall tolerances, and concentricity are not only internationally recognized, but also scientifically documented and proven down to the last detail. We can provide you with this information at any time.

Vascotube is certified DIN EN ISO 13485 and therefore complies with the European quality management standards for medical products. We have completed numerous customer audits and take into account that most of our customers satisfy FDA guidelines.

The quality assurance documentation for our tubes is IT-based. Traceability is guaranteed for a period of more than 25 years. We are perfectly prepared for this purpose:

Our extraordinary well-equipped laboratory with REM and EDX (energy-dispersive x-ray microanalysis) provides reliable data.



We are happy to help you

Success is teamwork

“Becoming a model for a modern, social way of working with a team of experts, quality nerds, and lateral thinkers”


We have an open ear for suggestions regarding improvement and work together on solutions.


We create an atmosphere of trust and reliability.


We respect and appreciate the strengths and viewpoints of all team members.


We support each other and promote mutual growth and development.

Quality makes history

The success story unfolds in 1991 with Uwe Seiler drawing a first seamless Nitinol tube. He and Rudolf Frei-Wendlandt continued to devote their energies to exploring the properties and processing of this promising material. In 2004, the two experts decide it was time to combine their long-time experience in the manufacturing of Nitinol tubes with their innovative production ideas and to founded Vascotube.

Much has happened since, and today Vascotube is a valued partner to many companies, renowned for its exceptionally high-quality standards. The combination of great experience and fast growing know-how yield a constant line of pioneering achievements. They are the basis for progress and innovative solutions in medical engineering. Vascotube is part of Cirtec Medical since 2017 and is constantly developing.


We are a solution provider with expertise in special indications and in-house developed production engineering. The high-quality demands of our customers are realized exclusively in our production facility, with know-how gained over many years, and our in-house developed machinery.

We therefore guarantee value creation, vendor independence, and a standard of quality that enables our customers to tackle challenging indications.

Vascotube’s tubes, such as those made of Nitinol, are source of continuous amazement due to their high performance regarding dimensions, surface quality, wall tolerances, and concentricity.

All aspects of the manufacturing process at Vascotube are to our specifications, right down to the selection of raw materials. All materials Vascotube receives are rigorously inspected based on our strict, defined quality requirements. The raw material is then processed in various steps in our own production facilities to create high-precision tubes in tune with our quality philosophy.