Who we are

Vascotube® is based in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. At the edge of the Black Forest is situated the heart of Germany’s automotive, mechanical and medical industry. As part of that regional cluster in a globalised environment, we stick to the old watch making tradition of fine precision workmanship and the “Quality made in Germany” approaches to our tubes.

Vascotube® was founded by Uwe Seiler and Rudolf Frei. They decided to combine their long years experience background in the field of Nitinol tubing and their innovative ideas on new production procedures. The first seamless Nitinol tube was drawn in 1991 by Uwe Seiler.

With this experience and production know-how, the company has grown since its foundation in 2004 to a staff of 40 people, working in a state-of- the-art production environment of 45 000 square feet. In the past year Vascotube® has produced 82 000 feet of stent quality Nitinol tubing for medical devices, pushing the feasibility of dimensions and surface quality to levels not reached in the industry.

Vascotube® is concentrated on high quality tubing and serves the medical industry. Most of our customers are based in Europe and the United States, including some of the best known medical companies in the world.

Nitinol tube fabrication

What we do

To give our customers the tube quality they expect, we have concentrated on the production of high quality tubing. Simply: we do not do anything else. We are dedicated to medical tubing quality and the specific requirements of working and forming Nitinol and other demanding materials, as Co-Cr, L-605 Tantal and Magnesium. The staff at Vascotube® has more than twenty five years of experience in the field of high quality medical tubing.

They have been at the core of the development of Nitinol tubes since 1986. Developing and devising technical procedures to produce Nitinol tubing for over 25 years.

Since 2004, Vascotube is certified ISO 13485, the European Quality control management standard for the production of medical products. We have passed numerous client audits and value the fact that most of our customers have to meet FDA regulations.

Quality control of our tubes is done through all production steps and can be provided in an elaborated IT based documentation. All tubes are passing an intensive and documented quality control before shipping. Traceability can be guaranteed for a period of more than 25 years.

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What we do


Vascotube® starts the tube production process from the ingot bars and do all tube production process in-house to the final tube size. We order according to our quality specifications at certified smelters. We have a very selected array of qualified suppliers. All incoming material will pass a broad quality and specification control. Vascotube® has an “all in-house” philosophy. To realize new processes and to implement new production methods, we are developing and building own drawing benches. We use mainly in-house built machinery and produce our own tooling.

This is one of the reasons why we can push the diameter, surface smoothness, wall tolerances and concentricity of our tubes to higher levels, not reached by our competitors. We rely on experienced workmanship and do long term training and qualification. All production staff that has joined Vascotube® since its beginning are still with us. Experienced people and broad documentation of all production steps guarantee a long reliability to our customers.

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