R&D Tubes

For providing fast feedback to our customers’ research and development departments we offer a special service to quickly satisfy the need for tubes in this area.

To support your development activities we strive for an extremely short turnaround and typically will be able to deliver the tubes within 2 weeks.

This service is intended for situations where the outer diameter and wall thickness are needed and small quantities are sufficient.

As for all our tubes, certificates will be provided for R&D tubes as well.
To obtain a quote for R&D tubing please send us an email specifying the outer diameter, wall thickness as well as the desired quantity.

Note that the service is offered to a max. of 10 m for tubing with an outer diameter of at least 5 mm. For tubing with an outer diameter of less than 5 mm max. 20 m can be provided.

For larger quantities or more specific mechanical parameters, we’re happy to provide you with a regular quote.

Nitinol tube and wire