Our production employees are consummate experts and highly skilled at their job. All tube batches that leave our factory are scientifically documented down to the last detail and subjected to rigorous quality assurance. To ensure that our tubes are very high quality, we adhere to strict quality standards and have invested in a perfectly equipped laboratory. Our technical equipment enables us to carry out extensive tests.


SEM Scanning Electron Microscope, EDX analyze unit, 3D Laser Confocal Microscope 1000x, 3D Digital Microscope 2000x, Metallurgical Microscope 2000x, Endoscope, Stereo Light Microscopes 20x and 40x, Zeiss Microscope 120x, DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Af-Tester, Eddy Current Testing, Zwick Tensile Test equipment 2,5kN up to 100kN up to 250°C, Laser Micrometer, Surface Roughness measurement unit, Mahr Wall thickness measurement, Grain Size per ASTM DIN EN ISO 643 and ASTM E112, Inclusion Size per ASTM F2063, Hydrogen content by Leco gas analyzer


Our laboratory also offers our customers tests as a service:

  • Tensile tests:
    We conduct tensile tests with 6% or 8% elongation at 22 °C +/- 2 °C (to ASTM F2516) or at 37 °C +/- 2 °C (body temperature).
  • DSC analysis:
    This analysis is one way of measuring the transformation temperature of Nitinol. The thermo-analytical method is carried out according to ASTM F2004. The results will be displayed in a characteristic curve.
  • Hydrogen tests:
    The tests are executed in our laboratory according to ASTM E1447. This value is critical to fatigue-life performance.

And many more. Please contact our sales team unter