Corrosion-resistant, elastic L-605 tubes
with high tensile strength

Vascotube has substantial experience in the machining of Cobalt-based high-performance alloys for medical products. Our L-605 tubes are manufactured entirely in-house and stand out due to their excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.
Vascotube’ s tubes are available in an outstanding quality . They also fulfil the standards for exact documentation and are accurately tested in our quality department.
All our L605 tubes are produced from raw material according to ASTM F 90.


L-605 is a nonmagnetic, Cobalt-based Chromium-Tungsten-Nickel alloy with excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. The yield strength, tensile strength, and UTS exceed those of stainless steel. As a result of its high Tungsten content, L-605 is radiopaque, which is beneficial for implant devices.


As a specialist in high-quality tubes for medical devices, we are convinced that this fascinating material still holds huge potential. We aim to put our specialist’s know-how to advantage in this area and to assist our customers and their development departments.

The fastest way to the best tube.
Because your customers’ development requirements cannot be delayed, we have prepared everything for your speedy order.

Quality is our passion

We order our raw materials from certified smelters in accordance with our own strict quality specifications and work exclusively with selected, quality-orientated suppliers. All materials supplied are subject to a precise incoming goods inspection in accordance with our defined quality specifications.