MP35N Tubes

Fatigue-resistant and biocompatible tubes

Vascotube has long-term experience in the machining of high-performance nickel-cobalt-based alloys for tubing. We have gained a lot of attention from customers who demand high -quality tubes. Tubes made of MP35N are manufactured according to your tubing specification and meet your requirements. All MP35N tubes are produced from raw material according to ASTM F 562.


MP35N is a nickel-cobalt-chrome-molybdenum alloy. It stands out by its exceptional resilience and hardness, especially when exposed to higher temperatures (superalloy). Its resistance to fatigue and stress corrosion cracking is also remarkable.


Reducing atmosphere such as Hydrogen and forming gas is recommended for heat treatment. Full annealing should be performed between 1000 °C and 1150 °C for a few minutes. For increased properties cold worked can be aged but conditions should be controlled carefully.

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Our seamlessly drawn MP35N tubes have an outstanding degree of surface smoothness. Standard roughness values are lower than 0.4 µm (Ra) for outer surfaces. The quality of the Inner surface may vary with the wall thickness to diameter ratio. In general, the state of the drawing equipment has a very substantial influence on the inner surface. Therefore we pay special attention on our equipment. Roughness values lower than 10 µm (Rt) can be achieved with our high-precision production techniques.

All our MP35N are produced from raw material according to ASTM F 562.


Application areas for MP35N include stents and various other medical implants such as cardiovascular and orthopedic devices. The material is also ideal for challenging applications that demand high resilience, corrosion and durability.

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We order our raw materials from certified smelters in accordance with our own strict quality specifications and work exclusively with selected, quality-orientated suppliers. All materials supplied are subject to a precise incoming goods inspection in accordance with our defined quality specifications.